This page shows rider information of the international show.

Renswoude Horse Trials is held in compliance with the measures and advice of the Dutch government. NOC*NSF and the KNHS specify these measures and advice for equestrian organisations. The organization of the Renswoude Horse Trials continuously monitors all developments. As soon as new measures and opinions apply, we will follow them.

The starting point is still to have as little displacement of people as possible and to prevent the coming together of large groups of people. The Organising Comite strictly follows the Government’s covid-19 guidelines and therefore urges the participants to limit the number of people in their delegation as much as possible. Preferably the rider will be accompanied by her/his support staff only. However we can appreciate that under special circumstances the owner a.o needs to be present as well. Please note that the requirements as specified in the Additional covid-19 rules apply to all members of your delegation. That includes the quarantine requirements. See also the details on the website from the Dutch Ministry for the exemptions which are applicable for elite athletes and their support staff:  https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/visiting-the-netherlands-from-abroad/exemptions-to-the-entry-ban/elite-athletes-and-their-support-staff

During the competition there is only access for:

• Riders and their support staff.
• Volunteers who have registered in advance.
• Officials who are registered with the competition organization.
• Photographers with an accreditation.


General hygiene
• Stay at home if you have cold symptoms and/or have a roommate with symptoms.
• Keep a distance of one and a half meters (2 arm lengths) from others.
• Do not bring spectators or extra volunteers.
• Cough or sneeze in your elbow.
• Wash your hands regularly.
• Avoid touching your face.
• Use paper tissues to snout your nose and then throw it away.
• Do not shake hands.

See also the websites of the government and the equestrian federations:

• All shared facilities such as toilets and showers are cleaned and disinfected by the organization every hour.
• Disinfectant is available at all shared facilities so that the attendees can clean and disinfect themselves if they wish.
• The site is provided with a clear routing that the attendees will follow, so that people pass each other as little as possible.
• The hygiene rules must be observed by all attendees on the premises.

Additional guidelines
• Riders and grooms must be in possession of a health certificate and must present it upon arrival. After the race (on departure) you must take a PCR test.
• Follow the approach routes and park in the designated car park within the boxes and at the direction of the parking attendants.
• Follow the instructions of the employees/organization at all times.
• You are present at your own risk. The landowners accept no liability for damage and accidents.

Catering & facilities
During the competition we ensure that the riders can eat and drink. Facilities such as the campsite, toilets, showers, etc. are available.

Start lists & Results
The starting lists for this year have not yet been published.

Corona measures
Fortunately, the Renswoude Horse Trails can continue this year, despite corona still gripping us! All developments and measures against the spread of this virus follow each other quickly and affect everyone in our society. We closely follow the guidelines and advice of the government and will ensure that we can offer the participants a well-organized, but above all safe competition.

Arrival Information Renswoude Horse Trials 2021

Dear Participants,

We are very pleased to inform you that it is possible to organize the Renswoude Horse Trials 2021! As you know, at the moment it is not easy to organize an event like this. We have to deal with a lot of extra rules and restrictions, because of Covid – 19 and the Rhino – virus. Our event can continue, but we have to follow the rules, otherwise the local government will stop our event. First of all, we count on your cooperation and please be patient with all our volunteers, who will do their utmost to help you during our event.

This year we have an event without public. It is only open for riders, grooms and chef d’equipes.

It is very important to read this Arrival Information and of course the information you will find in our approved schedule (www.rechenstelle.de or www.fei.org). An important rule is that you are in quarantine on the showground and as a visitor from abroad you have to follow all the rules in place in the Netherlands , to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. More information can be found on: https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus – covid – 19/tackling – new – coronavirus – in – the – netherlands/basic – rules – for – everyone

Please make sure you check the latest government updates and the exemptions made for elite sport members: https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus – covid – 19/visiting – the – netherlands – from – abroad/exemptions – to – the – entry – ban.

All competitors and their entourage need to have a negative PCR – test available on arrival. The test have been conducted less than 72 hours before arrival. All horses need to be checked by our Veterinarians, before entering the showground. The temperature of the horse need to be checked by the rider or groom, with your own equipment. Our Veterinarian will check the temperature. Our Veterinarians also need the following documents :

1. The horse passport
2. The Equine Health Self – Certification Form https://inside.fei.org/system/files/FEI%20Equine%20Health%20Self-Certification%20Form_interactive_web.pdf
3. The usual sanitary papers for all horses coming from abroad.

Our team will be present to welcome you and your horses on:
• Tuesday 01 – 06 – 2021, between 14.00 and 15.00 hours,
• Wednesday 02 – 06 – 2021, between 08.00 and 16.00 hours,
• Thursday 03 – 06 – 2021, between 08.00 and 12.00 hours.

Access outside these hours is not permitted! Arrival on Tuesday between 14.00 and 15.00 hours is only possible if you have announced your arrival at secretariaat@renswoudehorsetrials.nl. In order to avoid wasting time, we kindly request that you make sure you have all documents, correctly filled in, ready prior to your arrival. If a problem should occur, you will be asked to wait in a secondary parking area, so that other arrivals do not have to wait unnecessarily. ​

Important information regarding quarantine rules as of June 1
With regard to Covid-19 and quarantine measures in the Netherlands, an extra rule will apply as of June 1 2021.

Quarantine is mandatory upon arrival in the Netherlands for all persons entering from countries with an orange or red color. An exception for self-quarantine can be invoked for top sport. This requires 2 additional documents.

There are still some rules for traveling through countries with a different color code, but just to be sure, it is better to always have the extra documents with you. This is required as of June 1 when crossing the border or participating in top sports activities in the Netherlands. This applies to athletes, coaches and officials.

Document 1: Top Sport Statement
When you enter the Netherlands as a participant, you must have a top sport statement. This form has to be provided to you by the Renswoude Horse Trials. You can request the document by emailing to bestuur@renswoudehorsetrials.nl

Document 2 : Quarantine statement
When entering the Netherlands, each person must also complete the quarantine statement from the website of the national government. The following fields have to be filled in on this form:
Question 1: personal details
Question 2: tick the first round, fill in the exception category Top Sport in the first entry field, in the second entry field you can refer to the top sport statement of the NOC
Question 3: fill in and sign

The quarantine statement can be found here in different languages:

The country color codes can be found here and can change per day:

These rules only apply when travelling to the Netherlands, and may be requested by law enforcement at the Dutch border, during the event or at any other time. All other rules regarding entry, e.g. testing, remain applicable, as do the rules of the countries through which the participants travel or to which the participants return.

For travelers from countries outside the EU to which a European entry ban applies, a separate procedure is applicable. When traveling from outside the EU a special letter from NOC*NSF is required. Please contact the organization about this by emailing to bestuur@renswoudehorsetrials.nl

Headnumbers have to be visible at all times and are mandatory! Please check your headnumber(s) on www.rechenstelle.de.

And of course, please respect 1,5 meter distance and wear a mask! Our volunteers will be thankful! If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We do hope that you will have a pleasant stay on our showground in Renswoude. Please stay safe and together we will have a great time! Kind regards, The OC of the Renswoude Horse Trials