New Dutch Champions Junior and Young Riders

Also this year the Juniors and Young Riders competed for the title “Dutch Champion” during the Renswoude Horse Trials. It remained exciting until the very last moment, as the tough jumping course on the last day gave quite a few changes to the rankings.

After the dressage test, the cross-country and the jumping course, Elise Otto can call herself Dutch Junior Champion with her horse Coffee IJS. And Mylene Spaak with her horse King Canna can call herself Dutch Champion Young Riders.

The top 3 of the Juniors looks like this:

  1. Elise Otto – Coffee ICE – 39.60
  2. Beau Posthumus – Smokie – 39.70
  3. Caresse Kolkman – Diamond – 40.80
Elise Otto – Coffee IJS. Photo by eventing Photo

The top 3 of the Young Riders is as follows:

Mylene Spaak – King Canna. Photo by Eventing Photo
  1. Mylene Spaak – King Canna – 44.50
  2. Levi Driessen – Giraldi – 44.80
  3. Nina de Haans – Cocu – 49.50

Anna Siemer (GER) wins the CCI3*-L

For the second time during this tenth edition of the Renswoude Horse Trials, the German Anna Siemer manages to write a class to her name. With a final score of 34.60 she wins the CCI3* -L with her horse Betel’s Bella.

Anna Siemer – Betel’s Bella. Photo by Eventing Photo

After the dressage test the combination was in fourth place and after the cross they stayed there. However, a clear jump course made them climb to the top position.

The top 3 of this class looks like this:

  1. Anna Siemer (GER) – Betel’s Bella – 34.60
  2. Georgie Spence (GBR) – Cooley Legalend – 41.30
  3. David Doel (GBR) – Galileo Nieuwmoed – 43.90

The full results can be found here:

Tim Lips (NED) wins the CCI2*-L

With a temperature of 30 degrees on Sunday Tim Lips jumped to the first place with his horse Herby. A great achievement, especially since Herby hasn’t been ridden by Tim Lips for very long.

The dressage test of this combination was rewarded with a beautiful score of 75.13%, making them second. Tim came in first place because of the clear cross-country in time. The concluding part – the showjumping – ensured that they remained at the top position and won the CCI2 * ​​-L.

The top 3 of this class looks like this:

  1. Tim Lips (NED) – Herby – 25.30
  2. Anna Lena Schaaf (GER) – Debby – 29.00
  3. Katharina Kopp (GER) – Replay 34 – 30.90

The full results can be found here:

Camille Lejeune (FRA) winner CCI3*-S

A justified winner: Camille Lejeune with his horse Tahina des Isles. Early in the CCI3 * -S class, the French rider took first place in the leaderboard. His dressage test was rewarded with a whopping 75% and he then jumped clear, but with some penalty points due to exceeding time. Lejeune also took the lead after the jump.

A very good starting point for his last part, the cross-country. A nice clear round within the optimal time. His score eventually came to 26.60. A great achievement.

The top 3 of this class looks like this:

  1. Camille Lejeune (FRA) – Tahina des Isles – 26.60
  2. Joris Vanspringel (BEL) – Creator GS – 27.20
  3. Stephanie D’Andrimont (BEL) – Flashlight – 28.50

Anna Siemer (GER) wins the CCI4*-S

During a sun-drenched tenth edition of the Renswoude Horse Trials, the German rider Anna Siemer rode to the top of the classification with her horse FRH Butt’s Avondale.

Anna Siemer (GER) with FRH Butt’s Avondale.

After the dressage test Anna Siemer took the lead with a score of 72.15%. Then she rode a clear showjump course, after which she stood strong for the cross-country on Saturday 1 June. When she also rode this clear and in a good time, she could call herself the winner of the CCI4 * -S with a final score of 27.90.

The top 3 of this class looks like this:

  1. Anna Siemer (GER) – FRH Butt’s Avondale – 27.90
  2. David Doel (GBR) – Claim fee – 33.10
  3. Tim Lips (NED) – Eclipse – 33.30

The full results can be found here:

Winners Young EventingHorse Competition 2019

Winners 5yo Eventinghorses:

  1. Renske Kroeze – Jolig W – 80,5
  2. Katja Weimann – Jeu de Blanc W. – 78,5
  3. Sanne de Jong – Joshuay MBF – 78
  4. Roxana Graman – Jefferson – 77,5
  5. Elsemiek van Roekel – Jackpower – 76,5
  6. Sanne de Jong – Jersey MBF – 76
Rider: Renske Kroeze Horse: Jolig W. Breed: KWPN Pedigree: Quidaro – Mermus R – Pericles xx
Photo by EventingPhoto

Winners 6yo Eventinghorses:

  1. Ilonka Kluytmans – Queen Canna – 81,5
  2. Laura Hoogeveen – Wicro Imagine That – 79,5
  3. Renske Kroeze – Nearly Perfect de la Brasserie – 78,5

Find all results here.

Rider: Ilonka Kluytmans Horse: Queen Canna Breed: KWPN Pedigree: Modesto – Sydney – Ahorn. Photo by EventingPhoto